Three Trends Consumers Will Want in 2017

I was just asked to contribute three trends for 2017 to a consumer-facing guide that wants to offer expert advice on what to buy this Holiday season. As they say in the vernacular, that’s easier said than done!

Because The Trend Curve forecasts color-and-design trends 18 – 24 months into the future, I’ve been focused on the recent release of The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018 color-and-trend package, and considering what colors will follow in 2019. Anything about 2017 is already a distant memory. But, since lots of consumers follow The Trend Curve‘s social-media posts and visit our website, and some Members of our subscriber family are responsible for visual display, or are interior designers (both groups use current information, as well as forecasts), I took on the task.

Here are three 2017 trends that consumers can feel confident about buying this Holiday season.

Mirrors: They are already well on their way to becoming key items, with clever add-ons to make mirrors just as decorative as they are functional. Think printed designs, shelves, lights, hooks or even magnetic properties that allow items like hair clips to attach to mirror surfaces.

CorkCanister covers and coasters are great, but cork will do so much more in 2017. Watch for it to be molded into trays, integrated into accent furniture pieces and combined with ceramic in vases and with glass in storage and serving pieces. And since we’re talking about the Holiday season, don’t forget cork ornaments. They will be on-trend in a big way.

Floral Designs: Blossoms are making a comeback, and they will look more striking than they have in years. One reason for this is a generous scale that makes packed garden blooms feel lush. Another is a new tendency toward dark grounds and moody color combinations that give floral designs a sophisticated sense of drama. This is a trend with real staying power. In fact, we see this look moving easily into 2018.

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