The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018

For several years, palettes organized themselves around gray. This cool neutral was so important that every hue did its best to work with it. But in 2018, that role shifts decidedly to brown. As a consequence, the overall mood of color will tip toward warmth.

The 36 new hues in The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018 feature that directional warmth. Yet this package also includes just the right cool options to help consumers transition to, and balance, new warmth.

These hues are perfect for the important styles of 2018. Our Trend Cards give you bullet point details for 11 forecasted trends, plus a dedicated palette of volume-selling, accent and fashion-forward hues that you can use in your product development.

Who Uses This Forecast:

Product-development specialists and retail buyers, who create assortments that can last at least one year, choose The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018. This forecast has been used by professionals focused on tableware, barware/glassware, furniture, gifts, lighting, rugs, cushions, towels, outdoor furniture, gift wrap/bags, greeting cards, packaging, gift baskets, fragrances and so much more.

When to Buy and Use it:

Buy this color-and-trend forecast now to prepare your assortments for 2018 retail selling.

What You Receive:

The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018 is a comprehensive color-and-trend forecast:

  • 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" paint-on-paper swatches—one for each hue in this 36-color forecast.
  • A portable mini-deck with all 36 colors, so you always have this forecast at hand when you need it.
  • Trend Cards for all 11 trends, with style points for shape, texture, finish, materials, motifs—whatever is key to the look. A dedicated palette of volume-selling, accent and fashion-forward hues for each trend gives you color guidance to inspire your own product development or visual display.


Sample Trend Card & Full Package

Natural Drama Trend Card front-and-back. Click either to view a larger version.

click to view a larger version of the full package