The Skinny on Animal Skins

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The Showtime textiles market is an early indicator of things to come. That’s because fabrics seen at this important semi-annual market are selected by furniture-company designers to show on upholstered pieces at the next High Point furniture market. Then, retailers show these sofas, chairs, ottomans and cushions to consumers on their showroom floors. From Showtime to retail takes nearly a year, so when you see something at Showtime, you know the industry is betting on its appeal for at least 1-2 years into the future.

At the June Showtime market, animal skins were hot. Of course, there are always a few animal-skin patterns, since they are always in fashion. But lately, they are also on-trend.

Animal skins appeared in printed, woven and leather patterns, and they came  in multiple scales. Spots trumped stripes, but both were present. Snake had a following, too.There were various ways to show texture, in print and from weave effects. And while neutrals were the preferred way to express them (especially black-and-white duos), color also made a showing, with a marked preference for blues. Here are a few of the best new animal-skin designs from Showtime:

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