The Practical Side of Paper

andbrospatternPaper is today’s on-trend material, and The Trend Curve forecasts that it will remain so for at least the next two years. Products ranging from book-paper birds and papier maché rabbits to tissue-paper blossoms and cardboard signs have been cropping up at trade shows for more than a year.

Andbros, showing at the September Maison & Objet trade fair, debuted new lights made of cardboard that the company says are not just on-trend, but also lovely to look at and immensely practical.

According to Antti-Jussi Silvennoinen, CEO and Sales Manager, each pendant or desk lamp comes with a shade that’s made from a sustainable material. When you’re done enjoying it, just recycle.

Next, these lamps are packed flat, so you don’t waste resources shipping air. Packing them so efficiently also means that Andbros lights easy to store.

Having a cardboard shade keeps them lightweight, too, so in addition to being inexpensive to ship, they are also easy to move. Not only that, but because these features keep the price point low, you can change the color or design of your lamp more often!

model_no_1_over_tableAnd there are lots of color and design choices. Cardboard lights from Andbros come in black, white and a wide range of solid colors, plus fun geometric patterns with names like Carnival, Swim and Moon.

If you want to know about other new products at last week’s Maison & Objet, including lots of details (and over 100 pictures) about key color and design trends, The Trend Curve‘s complete trend report will be available within a few days. You can email Janice for information or check out our web store for the product debut.

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