The New Look of Red



Reds are getting a new look for 2017 and 2018. So says textile maker Sunbury Textile Mills. At the recent Showtime upholstery textiles market, this company revealed their forecast that future reds will trend toward their orange side.

The Trend Curve agrees.

Why? Because the foundation that drives everything in the world of color—neutrals—has already begun a cycle of warmth that will influence décor trends for at least the coming three years.

Metallic preferences led the way over a year ago, as silver metals and metallics gave up share for copper, and then gold. While gold’s popularity is still growing in multiple finishes and textures, the next step, expected by late 2017, will be a prominent role for bronze. Signs that bronze is emerging can be seen right now.

Circa 1801

Circa 1801

More recently, grays have moved out of the trend column and now enjoy bestselling-basic status. As this took place, the way was cleared for a range of browns that are increasingly obvious—and important—and will become even more so by the time 2018 begins.

Blues have started hinting at a preference for their yellow side (see the August 2016 issue of The Trend Curve for more on this shift). Greens are doing the same as they prepare to nibble away at blue’s share next year and the year after. Rust colors are returning, too.

With so much warmth in the future, red’s turn toward its orange side makes perfect sense.

This warm personality was visible not only in Sunbury‘s assortment, but also in those of other Showtime exhibitors, including Circa 1801, Covington, MTL, P. Kaufmann, Stof. It appeared in a variety of values and personalities, and in styles ranging from traditional to tribal and from Asian to French. It was as right for kids fabrics as it was for those targeted to adults.

All this indicates that warm red will be a versatile, trend-right choice in the years to come.

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