The Future of Metallic

If you’ve been wondering about the future of metallic treatments, one of the best places to look for clues is Showtime. This decorative-textiles market is the place where furniture companies select the fabrics that retail buyers will see on the showroom floors at the next High Point furniture market. Consumers will have a chance to see the same fabrics in retail assortments about six months after that. So, fabrics that debuted (and were selected by furniture companies) at the December 2015 Showtime will be in furniture-market showrooms next April and available at retail in about October of 2016. No wonder Showtime is considered an early-read market for trends ranging from texture to surface design.

At the December Showtime, metallics remained an important decorative element, indicating not only longevity for these looks specifically, but also for a broader luster trend. It was interesting to see how metallic influences also played a role in creating textures and enhancing patterns, from organic marble, floral and animal-skin looks to damasks, crackle and angular geometric designs. Metallic had virtually no limitations.

Particularly obvious in woven fabrics (although they also were a factor for leather and some prints), metallic preferences followed those for metals, making golden shimmer the top choice. Silvery looks, while selected less often, were nevertheless prevalent. Rose-gold/copper looks trailed, but looked great where they were used.

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