Pompoms are On-Trend

Eastern Accents

Eastern Accents

Call them craft-inspired or Boho Chic. Either way, pompoms are getting lots of attention lately. The Trend Curve believes they are poised to get even more. Pompoms have already appeared as details on apparel, shoes and handbags. Now they are popping up on baskets, throws and cushions. They have appeared on products at the High Point furniture market, Americasmart, HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair and other U.S. and international trade shows.

What makes décor with pompoms look so fresh? Placement is one answer. Using them on the face of a product, or in strands of two or three opens the door to looks that have not been seen in the past. Scale is another avenue to newness. Giant sizes are making a design statement that is playful and just as fun as mixing sizes together. Finally, mixing them with other materials gives pompoms more interest on fabric, sisal, leather or woven grass. And attaching them in new ways, like on the end of a macramé tassel, layers another embellishment trend into the mix.

Here are a few of the best new pompom designs so far. Watch for lots more to appear before 2017 begins.

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