Petite Friture’s Immersive Product Launch in Paris

2img_7270Petite Friture is among our favorite design-driven companies because their products are so innovative. So, when The Trend Curve was invited to an intimate dinner at their Paris showroom to celebrate the launch of their first tableware collection, Succession, I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I did. It was the most immersive product debut I have ever experienced.

The dinner was hosted by Petite Friture’s founder, Amélie du Passage. I was among a handful of editors and designers that enjoyed champagne cocktails before sitting down at a table decorated with intricately cut 3-D paper decorations that set the tone for an amazing seven-course meal developed by Studio Appétit, a design studio specializing in eating design. Lead designer and chef Ido Gaini joined us throughout the meal to explain how each course was a metaphor for a conversation.

The starter course was a conversation about surprise, with an unexpected mix of flavors. The second represented French culinary. This was the moment when Succession first came to the table, perfectly framing mussels and rice. The pieces are stunning—organic, yet geometric. The top is glazed, while the bottom is matte and dry. Raised texture on the top of the plate becomes a lines on the bottom.

Frederik Färg and Michelle Lamb

I was lucky enough to be seated next to one of Succession’s two designers, Fredrik Färg of Färg & Blanche, who explained that the original prototypes were made from felt that was wrapped in cord and placed in an oven, after which the cord was removed. That textile influence is still apparent in each of the 18 pieces in the collection.

The conversation about happiness took everyone back to their childhood. After dimming the lights, the staff brought each of us not only a tasty bite, but also a balloon that glowed gently. It was so fun to pop the balloon and find a tiny LED bulb inside!

Elegance came with a twist, with sausages and mustards as the main course. A conversation about texture featured the most beautiful head of cauliflower I have ever seen!

The conversation about art brought slices of cheese and flavor-infused gels, encouraging each of us to customize both flavor combinations and designs.

Finally, a conversation about fun—the dessert course—began with a presentation of toppings for each guest. Then, a chocolate plate, molded just like a Succession dinner plate, appeared. Guests were invited to break off pieces and cover them with toppings. So fun! And the experience brought me even closer to the designs. Check out my picture of designers Fredrick Färg and Emma Marga Blanche breaking off the first pieces of chocolate Succession.

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Succession in black

Succession in black

Succession was developed as a collaboration between Petite Friture and Revol, the French porcelain manufacturer. Revol has been producing porcelain since 1768. Both companies presented the collection, which is available in black or white, at this month’s Maison & Objet trade fair.

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