Luster Is In For The Long Haul

Taylor King

At the recent High Point furniture market, luster confirmed that it is in for the long haul. It appeared at price points from high to medium, and in décor products from seating to framed art, with metallic the primary point of view.

One factor in luster’s continued growth and forecasted longevity is that it is being articulated in many different ways. For example, at Taylor King, shimmering gold-metallic accents within an animal-skin pattern covered a chair made of shiny brass, confirming luster as the focal point. Yet, at Left Bank Art, traditional landscapes, medallions and abstracts were updated with a sprinkling of silvery glitter, and at Paragon, gold foil conveyed the luster story. One of Hooker Furniture‘s newest beds was covered with pieced églomisé mirror, creating a dull silver glow.

Another element in the mix: the rising popularity of gold. While gold does not define every form of luster or every type of metallic, it is nonetheless a fresh metal influence that consumers crave. Today, and for the next 18 months, gold will dominate the metal and metallic scene, giving it a prominent role in the luster trend.

Look below for a sampling of The Trend Curve’s favorite new expressions of luster from High Point. And for even more about this important trade show, read the High Point issue of The Trend Curve. In this issue, Editorial Director Michelle Lamb provides an overview of this market’s key color trends, including updates to black and white, reveals why surface interest is becoming more important than ever and details two important styles for 2017 – 2019.

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