How Do You Say Blue?

Casale Blu from Villeroy & Boch

Casale Blu from Villeroy & Boch

How many ways are there to say BLUE? At the Ambiente 2016 trade fair, held in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year, an exact number was difficult to pin down. That’s because there were so many types and personalities. They were found in products from dinnerware and decorative accessories to textiles and food-storage products. Almost every glass, ceramic, metal, plastic or fabric collection had a blue option.

Blue is always a popular color family, but the diversity of blues was what really stood out for The Trend Curve’s trend-spotting team this time. So did hints of an evolution in preferences that is already starting to be played out.

Fresh and fabulous blues, tinged with red, were not a new story. Nonetheless, they dominated the scene, whether they were used alone or in the company of another color. More than that, red-cast blues were still growing.

Established periwinkle types and denim-inspired mid-tones had the most to say here. These hues were as likely to appear in textiles as dinnerware. Navy, which has been enjoying a renaissance over the past two years, was also out in force.

Intense blues (think International Klein blue and lapis) emerged as the latest red-cast update. Expect these vivid hues to become the fashion-forward accent of choice by the time spring 2017 arrives.



Clean and primary-inspired cyan types were on-hand, too, but an incoming warming trend that brought yellow influences into the picture really stole the show. Not-quite-aqua and not-quite-turquoise shades spoke volumes about the future of blues. Livable and lovely, warmer shades are forecasted as the next trend evolution for this color family. Watch for warmer blues to make a noticeable splash by the middle of next year.

Look below for a few of the best blues from Ambiente 2016.

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