Gift Wrapping Trends from Paperworld

DSC09029Arona Khan, international gift-wrapping expert, was on-hand at Paperworld to talk about the newest trends in gift wrapping. But even if she hadn’t been there, the wrapped presents on display in her seminar area told the story well.

Gift wrapping is constantly evolving, with new products and ideas that consumers are increasingly open to. What are the top looks going forward? Whatever inspires you! Read on for a few of the latest gift-wrapping ideas, followed by a few pictures from Arona Khan‘s seminar area:

  • New Options: The biggest trend in gift wrapping is using materials that are not necessarily meant for that purpose. Almost anything is fair game. Think about wool, foil, crepe paper, wire, seals, wax paper or metal findings. Then, integrate them into your gift-wrapping arsenal to create truly unique looks.
  • Use It Up: Bring together the last of this and that so you never waste a thing—like a cummerbund of leftover paper. It’s an sustainable approach to making presents look special that is also easy on the conscience.
  • Imprecision: Make sure your package looks artistic by highlighting imperfections. Use asymmetrical placement, ragged edges or angled pleats.
  • Transparency: At least one of your materials should give you a view straight through. Mesh is the perfect choice, but iridescent cellophane, tiny wire birdcages and sheer fabric also do the trick.
  • Mixed Materials: Why stop with one or two materials when using multiples gives consumers the same kind of visual variety they find themselves increasingly drawn to in their décor.
  • Layering and Dimension: This is a build on Mixed Materials because it involves techniques like adding a wrap over a box, placing one ribbon material over another or adding decorative objects like 3-D flowers or other bling over bows.

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