Fun and Games in Décor

Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton

Millennials are having a huge impact on every aspect of home décor. In The Trend Curve Colors™ 2017, we provided the details for a Millennial favorite called Analog. This trend focused on mixing retro-tech—typewriters, record players, film cameras and more—with today’s contemporary styles, creating a new look for interiors.

Recently, Millennials have been gravitating toward board games, now called table games. What could be better after a casual, farm-to-table meal than playing a game with friends? Game Night is today’s follow-up to Sunday Night Dinner.

Not only are classics like Parcheesi and memory games enjoying a renaissance, so are chess, dominoes and backgammon. And some versions of these games are decidedly upscale.

Saccal Design House, for example, created the Play backgammon table. Its Statuario marble top flips over to reveal the board. Playing pieces are stored in the brushed solid-brass base below. J-Line’s game box—complete with two decks of cards, 10 dice, two shakers and chess pieces finished in matte silver or gold—is wrapped completely in leather. Chess sets from Giada include custom wood boards and chessmen made of 24K gold, chrome, burnished steel, brushed nickel or bronze.

Games are also inspiring surface designs on new décor items with price points from average to high-end. Key items range from wall art and tables to plates and pillows.

The Trend Curve’s Forecast:

This trend is in its infancy, and we expect continued growth throughout 2018. That’s why we included the Game On! trend in our just-released color-and-trend forecast, The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018. Here we reveal all the details so you can integrate the right aspects of games and gaming culture into your assortments. Look below for a bit of visual inspiration to get you started.

The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018 has details for Game On!, plus 10 other décor trends for 2018. You also get 36 fresh colors, provided in two sizes of paint-on-paper swatches that have been specified to work with all the latest trends. Swatches can be used alone to inspire your color-line updates. Click here to learn more about The Trend Curve Colors™ 2018.