Feeling Bookish at H.D. Buttercup

H.D. Buttercup

H.D. Buttercup

Real books are making a comeback. Why? Because it turns out that people like the experience of holding a book in their hands. And lots of people perceive that there is less stress on their eyes when they read ink on paper, vs. on a screen.

Now the preference for books is beginning to impact décor.

It wasn’t that long ago that decorating with books‚ or displaying them in a room—was considered too traditional, and even dated. But now books are shifting into key-item roles. Like many other items made of paper, they are expected to remain on-trend for décor through at least 2017.

At a recent trend-spotting trip to Costa Mesa, furniture retailer H.D. Buttercup confirmed that there are many different ways to integrate books into room settings, including as the subject of whimsical wallpaper, piled chaotically into a bookshelf and carefully placed under a glass dome. Here are a few shots of books from H.D. Buttercup in Costa Mesa, CA.